M00234 Tahmore Road Bridge

$66.22 Inc. GST

HO scale Tahmore Road Bridge has been designed along the line of the two road bridges over the main south line at Tahmore.

Honest Al wanted this and M00233 for his layout. He supplied the plans and the rest is history.

M00233 is 123 mm long x 91 mm wide and stands 82 mm high.

This bridge can either fit into a cutting, span the double track with built up ramps.

What ever you require.

The bridge comes with 4 lengths of two rail post and rail fencing which are 170 mm long.

The track opening is 63 mm high x 95 mm wide with a road width of 85 mm.

If you run with 50 mm centres between your tracks all will be good.

Weight 0.0200 kg
Dimensions 28 × 2 × 2 cm
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