M00222 Healsville Goods Shed

$103.20 Inc. GST

A customer asked if I would build him a model of the goods shed located at Healsville in Victoria

I gave him my usual reply, do you have plans do you have happy snaps?

He said he would get them.

So with plans supplied and lots of happy snaps here is the HO scale kit of The Healsville Goods Shed.

The kit has a foot print of 300 mm long 126 mm wide and stands 78 mm high.

The kit comes with 4 doors which you can have opened or closed. Two loading unloading platforms. Set of stairs and the platform height is set a 21 mm

which i find is a good height if you use 3 mm cork under your track.

The customer hasn’t like my paint scheme, but i think it shows off all the detail we put into our kits.

I am still working of a water tank to go at the end of the shed.

The following information taken from the Yarra Rangers Heritage Database “The water tower, turntable, goods shed and the sub-structure of the engine shed contribute substantially to the architectural significant of the site, as a representative example of a steam locomotive sub-depot (Coleman, 1997 ( VHR, 1567)”

Weight 0.550 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm


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