M00220 Picton Engine Shed 1875

$213.92 Inc. GST

This kit has been made from plans supplied by a customer.

He wanted an engine shed just like the one, that once stood at Picton NSW.

This engine shed is a two road shed with fabulous 30 panel windows with a half dome on top.

I couldn’t find any anywhere, so i cut them with the laser.

In 3mm they are magnificent but add another $72.00 to the kit price as they take so long to cut.

I supply them in 1.5 board which looks OK and are cheaper to cut.

I have sent a copy of the drawing over to my mate Don Tichy and i am awaiting his response. If he can supply, the kit price should drop i recon by $30.00.

So here it is Picton two road engine shed.

It’s footprint is 432mm long x 147mm wide and stands 134mm high. The roads have been set up with a 50mm centre to centre distance.

Weight 0.550 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm

New South Wales

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