M00200 Holdsworthy Line, Georges River Bridge.

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This project came about when i was contacted by a historical society who had a project in mind.

They supply plans of the bridge and here is the result in HO scale.

This bridge was in operation until the mid 60’s as i  have been informed. The only thing left of it, are the piers standing in the river.

They can still be seen when you cross the river on Newbridge rd heading east out of Liverpool.

The bridge we are supplying is 824mm in length. We are supplying it in three spans as shown in the happy snaps.

If you want extra’s, let us know and well supply them.

The centre span is 356 mm long and is 58mm high

The end spans are 234mm long and are 22 mm high. This is a single track bridge.

Extra’s of the spans are available.

Check out our 3D cut on the bridge girders.

The last happy snap is what we used along the some plans to build our HO scales Holdsworthy Line Georges River Bridge.


Weight 0.825 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 cm
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