M00195 Wellington Bridge

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This laser cut kit is of the Wellington Railway Bridge over the Macquarie River at Wellington. We have produced this kit from happy snaps we have found in railway publications.

It is our representation of the bridge as it was built 1878 & completed late 1880, designed by Sir John Fowler for John Whitton. This single track lattice girder bridge is still standing today, although there have been some modification to the bridge, to strengthen it, in reason years.

Our kit comprises the three spans as per the original and each span is 300 mm long. Total length of the kit is 950mm. The kit is supplied with 4 piers and we don’t supply the columns as each modeller will have their own requirements for height. We would suggest you use 40mm rod for your piers.

The original bridge was described as a “Large & Handsome lattice girder bridge” we think we have reproduced a very good likeness.

We are of the option that there where 12 of these wrought iron lattice truss bridges built around N.S.W., and the one at Wellington is the fourth in the series.

Our kit has a clearance of 77mm from top of rail to centre of under side of the arch. We have use code 100 track in the happy snaps.

as you can see in the happy snaps clearance shall not be a problem. Plenty of room for centenary.

Weight 1.2000 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 2 cm

New South Wales


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