M00193 John Whitton Station design

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In the early years of the colony and the railways were getting started, an engineer called  John Whitton (1820, near Wakefield, Yorkshire, England – 20 February 1898), an AngloAustralian railway engineer, was the Engineer-in-Charge for the New South Wales Railways, serving between 1856 and 1899, considered the Father of New South Wales Railways.[1] Under his supervision, it is estimated that 2,171 miles (3,494 km) of railway around New South Wales and Victoria were completed. Whitton was responsible for the construction of the Blue Mountains railway line and parts of the Main Western railway line, in particular the Great Zig Zag near Lithgow, and much of the Great Southern line.

He designed and built many a piece of railway infrastructure still in use to day here in NSW.

This kit is of a typical John Whitton railway station and is the main building at stations still in use. The kit has a footprint of 287 mm long x 123mm wide and stands 60mm high. Easy to construct and the roof has our 3D slate pattern lasered into it. Work out you colour scheme and paint then glue together.

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 2 cm

New South Wales

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