M00174 Stanmore Triple

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This kit is of a pedestrian foot bridge in the style of the English engineers. After being asked many a time for a bridge like our Croydon Footbridge which spans 2 tracks, and you guys wanted one that reached over 3 tracks.

Well here it is, our Stanmore Triple. This foot bridge spans 3 tracks.

Wonder how long before we are asked to supply one over 4 tracks?

Some facts you may like to know.

The height from the platform to the start of the curve is 34mm.

The height from the centre of the curve to the platform is 60mm

The span of the curve is 178mm and if you use 50mm track centers this will have the Steps 24mm of the platform edge.

The platform height i have used is 18mm.

We don’t supply a platform.

The happy snaps show the track sitting on 3mm of cork.

Weight .0250 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm


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