M00124 Hunter Cinema Art Deco

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The first Australian styled Art Deco cinema with moving Now Showing display board.

You can change the title of the movie showing any time you wish. Comes with 8 titles already programmed.

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This kits foot print is 210mm x 50mm and stands 162mm high.

We here at Models N More wanted add a cinema to our range for sometime. Tall George and i along with the Gould spoke about this project around April last year.

We wanted not just a cinema we wanted one with a “WOW” factor. It need to have leds that changed colour, it also need to have the ability to have any film title moving on the cinema now showing title board.

The kit comes complete with all the electrics required including a 32 character display which has 8 movie title already add and all the instructions for you.They are as follows

1. The Great Train Robbery
2. Unstoppable
3. The Railway Children
4. Silver Streak
5. The Taking Of Pelham 1.2.3
6. The Great Locomotive Chase
7. Von Ryan’s Express
8. Runway Train

We even tell you how to add more titles to the display. Sorry guys i lied about that Giant George just told me that he wants to get that bit a secret. He said he would redo any name you wanted, but the secret stays with him. So contact us and we’ll sort that out for you.

Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 1 cm


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