M00112 Stirling Roundhouse

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Loosely based on Valley Heights is 5 stall roundhouse is designed to be used in conjunction with a 90ft turn table.

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Stirling Roundhouse is loosely based on Valley Heights roundhouse in N.S.W. It will also hit in as Tarlagon in Victoria. Stirling offers you a 5 stall roundhouse model, which you can add another 5 stalls to easily without any drama’s. We asked around and have found that many manufactures made a 90ft turn table. So we chose to use a 90ft turn table, in conjunction with our roundhouse. We have tried to keep the real estate down to a minimum on your layout, so with that in mind you will require 520 mm distance from the centre of your 90ft turn table to the back centre stall wall of the roundhouse. Stirling Roundhouse has a footprint of 587mm x 300mm. The building is 300mm long and stands 148mm high,can easily take an AC6000 diesel has you can clearly see. Made from 3mm mdf our Roundhouse is strong. Everything required to build it, is supplied in the kit except the paint and the glue. Easy to assemble with our locking tab system employed. If i can build it, anyone can. It just takes your time.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 2 cm


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