M00087 Newnes Hotel

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Newnes Hotel built in 1907. This pub is the last remaining building at Newnes and it supplied the beer for the hard working miners who worked this valley for Shale Oil.

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This kit has a foot print of 190mm x 147mm and stand 80mm high. It is styled from the existing building which still stands in Newnes, although not on it’s original position. The pub was moved in 1987 after the Wolgan River undemined the pub. They must have taken the chance to do some extension and add a chimney. Quoted from:- The Wolgan Valley Ghost Train. by :- C.J. O’Sullivan When the Newnes Hotel was ringing With the miners lusty roars They were dreaming of the pint pots of Foaming Terry’s Ale Before they turned into their cots Ah – that bar room in the vale. This kit is easy to construct with our lock together tab system. Just work out your colour scheme paint and glue. Props in the happy snaps aren’t provided in the kit.

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Dimensions 60 × 45 × 2 cm


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