DR4018 16 Channel Switch Decoder

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General product information

The switch decoder has 16 switchable outlets which
can, for example, switch 16 lights or 8 sets of points. The switch decoder
has several presets that enable you to switch four Dutch three-light signals
with number boards. Belgian and German signal aspects can also be switched.


8 Ahobs, 4 AKI’s
4 Dutch signals
Multiprotocol DCC/Motorola
Programmable through POM
Maximum Load of 2,5 Ampère
All outputs on 1 side of the module
Presets for NS, NMBS and DE signals
16 light outputs with or without fluorescent effect
8 switches for magnetic drives
Technical Specifications
Size 89 x 87 x 22 mm
Power consumption (resting) 50 mA
Protocol DCC, Motorola
Load per output 2,5 Ampère
Maximum load 5 Ampère

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