59629 LokPilot 5 21 pin

$49.45 Inc. GST


The LokPilot 5 DCC is a “pure-bred” DCC decoder. 14 to 128 speed steps are as natural as 2- and 4-digit addresses. Up to 32 functions can
be triggered.

Thanks to RailComPlus® the decoders register automatically with a suitable DCC system like the ESU CabControl.The decoder accepts all DCC programming modes and thanks to RailCom® the CV values can be read on the main track with RailCom equipped DCC systems. For command stations that only program the
CVs from 1-255 auxiliary CV registers exist.

The LokPilot 5 DCC decoder recognizes the Märklin® braking sections as well as the ZIMO® HLU / ZACK Commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Also braking with DCC brake modules or with DC voltage is possible. It also stops with a Selectrix® brake diode. An ABC automatic shuttle train enables automatic commuting between two train stations.

The LokPilot 5 DCC decoder can be used on analog DC trains. The top speed can be set separately. The decoder switches between the operating modes fully automatically “on-the-fly”.

Weight 0.0150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 cm
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