I have my father to thank for passing on a love of model trains and an affiliation for the stations and landscapes of country NSW.  Models ‘N’ More was born on 19th July 2010 out the need for Australian HO scale model buildings to suit my first layout.  I struggled to find just the right buildings that would suit the town of Newnes, a Shale Oil town in the Wolgan Valley, north of Lithgow in New South Wales.

This town has all the things that interest me:

  • History - Incredible feats achieved by man
  • Shay Steam Engines - Fine Engineering
  • Great Scenery - Towering cliffs, running rivers
  • Fresh Air – and lots of it!

I bought the HO scale model Shay first.  I was on my way. Newnes was going to be reborn in 'The Cave' (our garage). A wonderful group of like-minded friends helped me get the Wolgan up and running. Base boards built, track laid and Shays running through the Glow Worm tunnel, it was almost as good as the real thing! The only thing missing was the buildings that I needed to really bring Newnes to life.

This proved to be a real problem; For this period in Australian history I found I couldn’t purchase any commercial models. I commission some pieces from a model maker in mid western New South Wales and these got me started. One of the guys from the group mentioned using a laser cutter to make models. And so with some knowledge of computer drawing programs and a passion for HO model railways and all things Australian I invested in an Epilog Helix 60 watt laser, which produces models of exceptional quality and accuracy.

Laser Models ‘N’ More has some models of the workings at Newnes for sale. These buildings would look good on any industrial type layout in HO scale.

We also build some rolling stock and track side models and are available for purchase from the web site.

Models ‘N’ More won’t stop at model buildings for train layouts. We are going to do anything that can be done on a laser cutter; cut, engrave, manufacture, gift ware, plaques, any type of signage, name tags and blocks, rubber stamps, the possibilities are limitless.
Laser Models ‘N’ More is your imagination – brought to life.

Materials Engrave Cut
Wood * *
Acrylic * *
Glass *
Coated Metals *
Ceramics *
Delrin * *
Cloth * *
Leather * *
Marble *
Mat Board *
Melamine *
Paper/Cardboard * *
Mylar * *
Rubber * *
Wood Veneer * *
Fiberglass * *
Paint Metal *
Tile *
Plastic * *
Cork * *
Corian * *
Anodized Aluminum *
Twill * *
Stainless Steel #
Brass #
Titanium #
Bare Metals #


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