Check out our NEW WEBSITE.

Afternoon all,

Matt here just sending you all a message to inform you that we have a new website.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

I like the PayPal express section where you just click on the PayPal button and you go start to your PayPal account.

You log on as per normal to your PayPal account and on the left hand side is an invoice showing you what we are purchasing.

I like the way it does it. I will need to take better happy snaps and the move the mouse over the picture and it is enlarged, amazing.

Anyway let me know and also check out the new kits just been added.

Most excited about the Art Deco Cinema and Chiltern Railway Stn.

Weird Terry is working on Aunty Molly’s House which is looking pretty. Bomaderry Barracks should be ready for Newcastle and Chiltern Railway Station should be a hit at Caulfield the follow week.M00149 Chiltern StnChiltern Station.


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