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Hey Matt,

No problems adding it to the testimonial section. Think you are onto a good thing there with your range of kits. As a way of feedback on other products similar to yours – before I found about your buildings I had bought a laser cut version of an old Queensland farm house from a vendor up here at the Brisbane Model Train Show about 2 years ago. I thought I would start it at the same time as your houses as I plan a small farm on my proposed layout and thought I would start some buildings as a time filler the other day. The other breed of house looks good but has been done out of thin ply which has proven to be difficult to remove some pieces from the fret and as a result I have broken a few pieces already on the veranda framing. The MDF yours are done from has proven to be stronger and easier to work with so far. They have chosen to model the windows as laser cut details already placed in the side of the house but I think once painted it will look a little flat and one dimensional compared to the method of construction you are using. All in all they will both look good I suppose when finished but the other brand is causing me a bit of grief. Keep up the good work with your product Matt as it is easy to put together and is looking good already.


Brett R   

From: gary webb

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gary webb


hi guys, you will be pleased[i hope] to know i have finished the 2 kits i purchased, and i am more than pleased with the results[actually i have not stopped smiling]. they are great! i had the big first showing to my mates on tuesday night, they were pleased with everything, until somebody spotted your a6 station building, well they could not stop talking & asking questions about it. how did i do this & that etc, when i told them it came that way, smiles all round. end result, 8 people left here with you web address, vowing to buy, so you should be run of your feet [i hope] with orders from bathurst. keep up the great kits, i will be buying more and photos will follow when i get off my lazy butt & take some. thanks heaps, gary

The Kloczko’s

“The pet plaque we received from Cut It Out Laser Models N More was of the highest quality.

We were particularly pleased with the reproduction of the photo.

We are sure that this will be a durable product.

A great way to remember a loved pet”.


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From: Belinda 
Sent: Thursday, 17 March 2011 8:23 PM
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Subject:  School House

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Thank you for your prompt and friendly service – the School House is so cute!

i Matt


Received my order this morning (Fri) … Thanks.

Very impressed with the look of the kits & also the very useful addition of the sound module which I am sure will be put to good use.


Terry Cunningham
Kestrel ModelCraft


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